Treatment may refer to Health or well-beingm Medical treatment i.e., medical case management, Therapy for any impairments, Pain management/A particular process or intervention specified in the design of an experiment, Mechanical or chemical modifications to some material:Water treatment, Sewage treatment, Surface treatment, "finishing" processes in manufacturing or a craft, The meaning conveyed by a bid that is not made to invoke a bridge convention. We want to ensure equal treatment for everyone.The law requires humane treatment of prisoners.It's a complicated issue that requires careful treatment.The book's treatment of this important issue is unimpressive.Previous treatments of this topic have ignored some key issues.The patient required immediate medical treatment.She is receiving treatment for cancer. Prisoners of war were subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment.They were accused of inhumanity in their treatment of the hostages. She's had really unsympathetic treatment from the management. I don't expect special treatment - I just want to be treated fairly. We were given the full VIP treatment. Umbilical cord blood is blood that remains in the placenta and in the attached umbilical cord after childbirth. Cord blood is collected because it contains stem cells, which can be used to treat hematopoietic and genetic disorders. Cord blood is used the same way that hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is used to reconstitute bone marrow following radiation treatment for various blood cancers, and for various forms of anemia.[1][2] Its efficacy is similar as well.[1] Adverse effects are similar to hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, namely graft-versus-host disease and the risk of severe infection while the immune system is reconstituted.[1] There may be a higher risk of infection with cord blood compared with traditional HSCT, as cord blood is slower in generating immune cells.[1] Umbilical cord blood is the blood left over in the placenta and in the umbilical cord after the birth of the baby. The cord blood is composed of all the elements found in whole blood. It contains red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, platelets and is also rich in hematopoietic stem cells. There are several methods for collecting cord blood. The method most commonly used in clinical practice is the "closed technique", which is similar to standard blood collection techniques. With this method, the technician cannulates the vein of the severed umbilical cord using a needle that is connected to a blood bag, and cord blood flows through the needle into the bag. On average, the closed technique enables collection of about 75 ml of cord blood.[3] Collected cord blood is cryopreserved and then stored in a cord blood bank for future transplantation. Cord blood collection is typically depleted of red blood cells before cryopreservation to ensure high rates of stem cell recovery.[4] After a baby is born and the umbilical cord is cut, some blood remains in the blood vessels of the placenta and the portion of the umbilical cord that remains attached to it. After birth, the baby no longer needs this extra blood. This blood is called placental blood or umbilical cord blood: "cord blood" for short. Cord blood contains all the normal elements of blood - red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. But it is also rich in hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells, similar to those found in bone marrow. This is why cord blood can be used for transplantation as an alternative to bone marrow. Transplants of cord blood stem cells can cure over 80 diseases. Most of the diseases treated by stem cell transplants are rare among children. The exceptions are inherited blood disorders that are prevalent in certain populations, such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia. In recent years trials with cord blood have showed promise for treating more common childhood conditions, such as cerebral palsy, autism, and others. Parents who wish to donate cord blood are limited by whether there is a public bank that collects donations from the hospital or clinic where their baby will be born. Search our list of public banks in your country. Parents who wish to store cord blood and/or cord tissue for their family can find and compare private banks in your country. Family banks usually offer payment plans or in.surance policies to lower the cost of cord blood banking.

Jee Le Zara

Jee Le Zara Watch Online is an Indian drama television series that airs on Sony TV from August 15, 2013. The series stars Sangeeta Ghosh and Ruslaan Mumtaz in the main leads and replaced the show Parvarrish – Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi. It airs every Mon-Fri at 09:30 pm.

The story revolves around 34-year-old Sanchi, who is a strong and independent woman. Her parents had died due to a car accident when she was only 19 years old and since then, she has taken over the responsibility of her family, which consists of her maternal grandmother, paternal grandmother and two younger siblings. She is a busy, working woman, who runs a strawberry farm, left behind by her deceased father and uncle. Her maternal and paternal grandmothers always say that they want Sanchi to marry someone. One day their neighbour says that she has a good man, Shivam who can marry Sanchi. Saachi agrees to meet Shivam but tells him that she cannot marry to him because he wants to settle in America. Her neighbour gets annoyed and leaves. Sanchi convinces her grandmothers that she will marry someone who will be a good partner. One day, she meets Dhruv, a 27-year-old lawyer who is mesmerized by Sanchi and completely changes her life and they fall in love.

The show experiences a twist as Dhruv, lovingly called DV, falls desperately in love with Sanchi. During the wedding of Sanchi’s younger sister Prachi with Sunil, Rishi, too falls in love with Sanchi but has bad intentions. Sanchi’s eder brother Pradeep wants to take away Sanchi’s house and her land from her. And so Sanchi and Dhruv visit Pune as Sanchi is fighting a case against Pradeep and desperately wants Sanchi’s land to sell to Prithvi Enterprises. Sanchi appoints Dhruv as her lawyer and the two try to fight the case. It was rain when Dhruv finally expresses his love for Sanchi with an “I Love You”. Sanchi is outraged and is on the verge of slapping Dhruv when he holds her hand.
After many attempts – Sanchi finally says “I Love You Too” on the auspicious day of Diwali and the two fall deep in to the world of love. Dhruv is on Cloud Nine at this moment. Dhruv and Sanchi then encounter a problem of their age-difference, as Indian customs, The Male must be elder to the Female. Sanchi doubts that her family will accept Dhruv and that Dhruv’s Family will accept Sanchi. They then promise to pass all hardships and save their love. The show shall soon witness love scenes and drama as this marks the entry of DV’s brother. Sanchi and Dhruv together spend moments of romance.

The show takes a steep turn as a striking love triangle is introduced. Ankita, who is apparently DV’s childhood friend, meeting DV at Pihu’s Birthday Party (Crossover with Hit-Show Bade Acche Lagte Hain on December 06, 2013). Sanchi is shocked to see Ankita and DV dancing on the day of the party. Unknowingly, Sanchi bumps into DV’s mother. Mrs. Goel and Sanchi talk about each other. But Sanchi had know idea that Mrs. Goel was willing to get DV engaged to childhood friend Ankita. Shocked and mentally disturbed, Sanchi is about to leave the party with tears in her eyes. Priya Ram Kapoor consoles Sanchi. Sanchi leaves with DV from the party. Sanchi tells DV that his mother is willing to get DV engaged to Ankita.

After staying in Panchgani for a while and even getting Lost in the jungle, DV soon tells Ankita that he loves Saachi. Shocked and disgusted, Ankita gets ready to leave Panchgani. As Ankita prepares to leave Panchgani, Anvay views her buying something on the street while passing by in his car. He confronts Ankita and she is shocked to see DV’s elder brother. Anvay too is shocked to see Ankita in Panchgani as she tells him that she had come to meet DV there who was fighting the Prabhu family’s case. Anvay is shaken when he comes to know that his younger brother was going to be his own rival. It is next seen that Anvay meets Pradeep and comes to know that Dhruv and Sanchi share a relationship. Meanwhile, DV and the Prabhu family are busy planning for their new year party when DV gets a call from Pradeep, him telling DV to come and meet him in his office for an important meeting with the owner of Prithvi enterprises. DV leaves the hustle bustle in the Prabhu’s house and promises Sanchi that he would be back soon. As DV sees his own brother as the owner of Prithvi enterprises, he is horrified. Anvay tells him to leave Saachi and begin a new life. He tells him that this Sanchi thing is mere madness. He warns him of her low social status and their so called age difference.

But the adamant DV is all set to marry Sanchi. And then Anvay gives DV the biggest shock of his life. DV himself is the owner of Prithvi enterprises. DV talks to his dad about his relationship with Sanchi and convinces him to meet her. His dad gives Sanchi a deal that I will give you 20 crores to leave his son but Sanchi doesn’t like the offer and leaves. Then DV asks his dad and finds out that was a way to understand Sanchi. In the evening Sanchi meets DV’S family and makes a promise to his mom she will leave DV. Sanchi takes a check of 25 crores and leaves from there. Sanchi and DV are both heartbroken. Mr.Goel makes Sanchi’s factory jams rotten so she uses the cheque but Sanchi mortgage her farm. The Goels’ are getting DV and Ankita engaged.DV refuses to marry Ankita and Ankita is heartbroken. Dhruv later comes to panchgani but unfortunately for saachi her home and factory gets sealed by the bank due to the unpayment of loan.Here,DV comes to the rescue of Saachi.He pays the loan and challenges saachi that he will marry her in 3 days.Even though saachi loves him,she refuses to marry him because of the promise given to his mom,she leaves her home and she goes to live with dilz.

The marriage preparation starts but in a unique way,firstly with the mehandi where Saachi on the way to her factory gets tricked by DV and she falls in the trap of DV and she applies mehandi on her hand with DV’s intials. On the haldi day as saachi comes to return the shaadi ka joda ,praachi and addu pours the haldi mixed water on saachi’s head and aaji and naani applies haldi on saachi,hence the haldi cermony takes place.Saachi breaksdown in her room,dilz console her but she happens to see a message by Addu saying that DV is inviting his mom for the wedding,Dilz messages him back saying let him do so,if she comes the promise secret will come out,but unfortunately for dilz ,DV reads the message and calls her but unknowingly she spills out the beans to DV thinking it’s Addu. Addu tells the truth to DV and DV drives home to talk to his mom but his mom feels guilty for her action and tells him to marry Saachi. DV Saachi get married


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